Any person involved in professional boxing should:

  • Place loyalty, fairness, and integrity as the highest moral principles, and the sport of boxing above the interests of any person or group.
  • Protect the health and well‐being of boxers at any cost.
  • Reject any compromise that goes against justice and honesty in the ring, in the offices, and in the gym.
  • Expose corruption of any kind wherever discovered.
  • Oppose discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, and religion, and act forcefully to counteract it, never cooperating with those who practice it.

  • Uphold the constitution, laws, and regulations of all countries affiliated with the Royal Boxing Organization, and never be a party to their evasion.

  • Uphold and respect the Constitution, Rules & Regulations, and principles of the RBO at all times. Failure to do so is failure to the sport.

  • Never – whether you are a boxer, manager, promoter, trainer, matchmaker, official, commissioner, or any member of the RBO – use the communications media to slur, slander, libel, or otherwise defame, humiliate, or insult other members of the boxing community and thereby damage the sport itself, but instead expose, respectfully, actions by persons who unfairly hurt others.

  • Devote best efforts to our sport as expected and deserved by the public, and expect the same from promoters, managers, boxers, and all the people of boxing.
  • Refrain from unethical behavior that may bring disgrace to many people involved in the sport.
  • Never seek monetary profit at the expense or to the detriment of the boxers, who should always be fairly paid for their efforts.
  • Pursue absolute equality for the people of boxing by always respecting the rights of others, disregarding wealth or power as influencing factors on any decisions.
  • Never use misrepresentations or other means to deceive others, but instead always present the facts and the truth in goodwill to solve problems.
  • Never engage in business or activities that might constitute extortion, create a conflict of interest, or present an unfair restriction of competition.
  • If a boxer, behave as a good sportsman in and out the ring, in public statements, and in attitude towards all members of the public, the boxing community, and media.
  • If a boxer, shake hands before the commencement of the contest and at the beginning of the final round, and show respect for their opponents before and after the contest.
  • Subject only to valid protest in accordance with this Constitution and the RBO Rules & Regulations, regard decisions of the referee and judges as final.



A RBO champion is not only an excellent fighter in the ring and the best boxer in his division; this boxer is also a lady or gentleman who has won this title cleanly and fairly, and is willing and ready at all times to defend it against any qualified opponent.

A RBO champion is a true example to the youth of the world, in and out of the ring. Our champion is always committed to respect, support, and comply with the RBO Constitution and its Rules & Regulations, and always carries the representation and championship of the RBO with sportsmanship, dignity, loyalty, and pride.

A RBO champion is a boxer who is true to their vocation, to the rules of the sport, and to their commitments… she is a lady, and he is a gentleman.


The RBO shall be a body dedicated to promote equal rights at all times in boxing, impartially, honestly, and fairly. The RBO shall engage in tireless efforts for the betterment of boxing as its goal. The RBO shall not accept any inequalities based on race, religion, politics, or nationality, and will further oppose all organizations and persons who advocate or conduct themselves so as to promote such inequalities of rights.

It will be a prime objective of the RBO to strive for equality in boxing and to fight against such conditions that damage the free practice of professional boxing, including discrimination on the basis of race, nationality, or religion by any country or organization as unethical and contrary to the principles and spirit of the RBO.



The purposes of the RBO shall be as follows:

  • Uniform Control and Supervision of Boxing. To promote and obtain efficiency and harmony in the control and supervision of professional men’s and women’s boxing , through the development and implementation of uniform standards and rules applicable to the sport.

  • Develop and Institute Best Medical Standards. To institute and develop the best available medical standards, procedures, and rules to ensure the safety of the boxers and of the sport.

  • Encouragement of Boxing as Sport. To encourage boxing as an activity conducive to physical fitness and as a sport that is a source of wholesome entertainment for the public.

  • Encouragement of Public Appreciation of Boxing. To encourage greater public appreciation and patronage for the sport of boxing.

  • Promotion of Clean, Fair, and Equitable Competition. To keep professional boxing, and all activities connected therewith, clean, fair, and equitable to all parties concerned.

  • Promotion of Boxers’ Safety and Welfare. To make professional boxing as safe a sport as possible for boxers, and to promote their welfare.


  • Recognition of Champions. To recognize the best boxer in each division as the champion, having won such title in the ring, in compliance with all provisions of this Constitution and the Rules & Regulations of the RBO.

  • Certification and Recognition of Championship and Elimination Bouts. To certify and recognize championship bouts in each weight division for RBO championships, provided that such bouts are held in compliance with this Constitution, and the Rules & Regulations, Championship Rules, and rulings of the RBO.

  • Promotion of Competition in Boxing. To promote, enhance, and establish quality competition in boxing, with RBO‐recognized champions defending their titles against qualified opponents on a regular basis.

  • Elimination of Discrimination in Boxing. To prevent discrimination by reason of race, religion, or national origin, which is an abhorrent affront to human dignity and, as such, incompatible with the purposes and principles of the RBO as embodied in this Constitution and the Rules & Regulations of the RBO. Consequently, apartheid and/or discrimination is prohibited and shall be penalized accordingly.

  • Mediation to Resolve Controversies. To mediate in controversies whenever and wherever possible, with the goal of making boxing a clean business, with ethical competition and respect for the rights of everyone involved.



The RBO shall have the following functions and duties:

  • Powers. The RBO shall have all powers, duties, authorizations, and responsibilities generally accorded to a sanctioning body.

  • Promotion of the Best Interests of Boxing. To do all things conducive to attaining the purposes of the RBO and the promotion of uniformity, safety, and fair competition in boxing in the best interests of boxing, including:

C.        Establish Weight Divisions.

To establish and/or recognize the champions in weight divisions with the

following limits:









Super Flyweight




























over 200

  • Establishment of Ratings. To establish ratings each month in each weight division.

  • Adoption of Rules, Regulations, and Standards. To prescribe the rules and regulations that will govern every championship or elimination bout, and to establish rules and standards for the conduct and scoring of every boxing contest in order to attain uniformity throughout the sport.

  • Mediation in Disputes. To act upon, decide, settle, and mediate in disputes between boards or commissions, boxers, managers, promoters, and other licensed boxing people, and other disputes and appeals that may arise in the sport of boxing, whenever the local commission or board shall have been unable to resolve them, as well as to mediate in any disputes involving the RBO or any of its champions, challengers, or their managers, promoters, or other interested parties.

  • Resolution of Grievances and Appeals. To resolve grievances and appeals as they arise in the sport of boxing.

J.             Withdrawal or Suspension of Recognition. To suspend or withdraw RBO recognition from any champion and challenger for any violation of this Constitution, the Rules & Regulations, or the rulings of the RBO.



  • Term of Office. Appointment of the RBO’s Officers will be held every four (5) years.

  • Executive Positions. The appointment of representatives will be at the discretion of the president.



  • Non policy making Members:
  • Ring Officials. Ring Officials shall be certified and approved members of the RBO and abide by its Constitution, Rules & Regulations, and Ring Officials Code of Ethics.

  • Special Associate Members. Individual boxing commissions and commissioners, as well as managers, trainers, and representatives may become Special Associate Members of the RBO. Boxing commissioners and commissions who wish to participate in the affairs of the RBO may join under such fees and conditions as the RBO may establish from time to time, and their membership will entitle them to participate in a non‐voting capacity in RBO conventions, congresses, and seminars, as well as receive RBO bulletins and communications on RBO activities.


  • Associate Members. Boxing fans and any members of the general public interested in the sport of boxing may become associate members of the RBO. The annual dues for an associate membership in the RBO shall be established by the RBO from time to time.

  • Members of the Media. Any member of the media desiring membership in the RBO may become a member at no charge.

  • Membership Obligations. The acceptance of the RBO membership binds the member to abide by all of the conditions of the Constitution and Rules & Regulations of the RBO, and to accept and enforce all decisions of the general membership and the Director of Government Affairs, subject only to any conflicting requirements that may be imposed by law of the member’s jurisdiction.



  • Officers. The officers of the RBO shall consist of the President, Vice President, Director of Government Affairs, the Executive Director, Chairmen of permanent committees. Budget. Funds of the RBO shall be expended according to an annual budget, which shall be prepared by the Treasurer, and which shall be approved by the Finance Committee.

  • Official Decisions. Any action or position voiced or taken individually by any officer shall not be construed as the position or action of the RBO, unless approved by a majority vote.



  • President. The President shall have all the obligations, rights, and duties customary to his position and all such power and authority as shall be granted to him pursuant to this Constitution and the RBO Rules & Regulations, including the following:

  • He shall have full power and authority to interpret this Constitution and the RBO Rules & Regulations, and to issue and apply such rulings as he shall in his sole discretion deem to be in the best interests of boxing.

  • He shall be the official representative and spokesman of the RBO with respect to final decisions related to the RBO.

  • He shall appoint as many committees as he deems necessary. Such committees will report directly to him, and their decisions are subject to the RBO President’s approval.
  • He shall have the right to appoint judges and referees and the RBO representatives to all RBO certified contests, and will have the right to agree on such with the local boxing commissions.

  • He shall resolve, without seeking a vote, all routine matters, based on this Constitution and the RBO Rules & Regulations.

  • He is authorized to announce any action.

  • He shall have all rights and responsibilities attendant to his position, with the understanding that he the supreme authority of the RBO.

  • He shall mediate in matters of controversy, at the request of the parties, or at his discretion, when it is deemed convenient to help resolve such controversies and problems.

  • He shall organize and supervise the functions and work of the officers and committees that he appoints and he will be responsible to the highest authority in the RBO.


  • He will be responsible to represent or appoint representatives to any activity related to the RBO.

  • He shall be empowered to use his office and best efforts to pursue commercial affiliations toward the ends of: promulgating a positive image of the sport of boxing generally, and the RBO specifically; garnering funds to support the objectives of the RBO in boxing safety; aiding promoters with RBO‐sanctioned events, work diligently to get the best boxers and the best fights to be under the RBO and increasing public awareness of the sport as well as of the RBO.

  • Vice President. The duties and responsibilities of the Vice President include acting as substitute for the President when necessary and to perform all activities duly designated by the President. The Vice President will be responsible for strengthening the position, participation, and image of the RBO.



The RBO shall have such committees as are deemed necessary and appointed by the President. Each committee shall have a chairman, who will be appointed by the President. The permanent committees shall have the following structures and duties:

Ratings Committee. Will promulgate the monthly ratings based on monthly bout results, as well as the ratings standards and additional criteria approved by the President. This committee will name the Boxer of the Month and will recommend the Boxer of the Year to be named by the President, with a majority voting. It will also recommend the Fight of the Year to the President, but this accolade is restricted to RBO‐recognized championships



The executive office of the RBO shall be in the city and country of residence of the President.



  • Annual Meetings. President, Vice President, Director of Government Affairs and Ratings Committee will meet twice a year.

  • Date and Place of Meetings. The President, or his designee on behalf of the President, shall set the date and place of all meetings.



All parties involved in reaching an agreement as to a RBO contest shall fully accept and agree to abide by this Constitution and the Rules & Regulations, Championship Rules and rulings of the RBO. Regardless of whether or not such document has been executed and returned to the RBO, all boxers, managers, promoters, trainers, and all other parties transacting business with the RBO are deemed to expressly agree to be bound by and comply with the Constitution, Rules & Regulations, Championship Rules, and all rulings of the RBO in all matters pertaining to the conduct of such business, in order to participate in any dealings with the RBO. The expression of any party of a lack of knowledge of the RBO Constitution, Rules & Regulations, or Championship rules will not be a cause for any exception in regard to this rule.

The RBO Constitution, Rules & Regulations, and Championship Rules are available on the RBO web page on the Internet. Upon request to the RBO Executive Offices, a copy of the RBO Constitution, Rules & Regulations, and Championship Rules will be furnished.




Amendments to this Constitution shall be made only upon the affirmative vote of two‐thirds (2/3rds) of the President, Vice President and Director of Government Affairs.